Display scroll bar in prototype preview mode

I find XD so much easier than Figma and it already has anchoring within the page - shows scroll bar - unfortunately, our team decided to move to Figma. It’s a mess. I would have expected it from Figma…For the sake of Figma get the scroll bar in.

Yeah I agree. Don’t get me wrong Design System wise and the component functionality with auto layout etc is great but if Figma want to be the single tool for all, they really need to invest time and effort in creating a Prototyping deliverable, that competes with HiFi prototyping tools like ProtoPie.io and Proto.io. The Figma prototyping delivery I’m sure is great for creatives showcasing a website redesign in a pitch but when it comes to functional usable prototypes to test with real users it lacks completely!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Please give us this.

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Please make it happen!
Like other people in this thread - I really really need this for usability testing. I don’t want to have to ask test participants “please be sure you have a mouse with scroll wheel connected for the test session” - it’s embarassing and lack of scrollbar falsifies test results to some degree, not to mention participants frustration… :confused:


Is this for real not implemented yet? We need this urgently

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+2, We also need this!

WE NEED THIS! Im looking into other software to prototype due to this. It has completely skewed user testing.


+1, This would be so helpful!

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+1 from me.

I was dismayed to find out this has been an issue for such a long time. Please provide a way to show live toolbars in scrolling panels!

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+1 from me… Please add scroll bars

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+1 this is a serious problem when user testing on desktop with users on varied devices/OS

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+1 to this. Who in Figma team is resisting this change? What more proof do they need that this is in demand?

+1 totally need this

+1,000,000,000 need this

+1 on this one. While us Mac users are privileged with multitouch trackpads that enable scrolling behavior (two-finger gesture), many Windows laptops don’t have that. I was just talking to a client yesterday, after I’d built a scrolling prototype and he wasn’t able to scroll. :unamused:

But I echo many of the others here. It’s probably much more important in user research too. There are just a lot of computer users out there who are unaware of scroll wheels on mice or how to scroll with their trackpads. This one is pretty important.

Desperately needed here, too. I’ve created a fake scroll bar component but it’s really not a great solution.

Adding to this request, not having a working scrollbar for prototype testing is causing failures. Making a fake component isn’t idea.

Overflow scrolling in prototypes can be improved. Frames with this setting allow scrolling with the mouse wheel or by drag and drop. However, there’s no visual indication that an area of the screen is scrollable. Add a working scrollbar in prototypes with overflow scrolling on. This will help in user testing designs where scrolling is an important part of the design.

Jeez— I’m actually astonished that this isn’t a thing. I was searching to see what I was missing when making a preview for a client and this was the first hit. Will this push me back to XD? Maybe. What a pain.

+1 to this, scrolling was not at all intuitive during usability testing.