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Dismiss Memory Usage Banner

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    I’m getting the yellow warning banner about memory usage and it’s disrupting. I guess the warning is helpful though at 50% of memory used it doesn’t really seem like that’s almost out of memory. I wouldn’t mind it as much if there was a way to easily dismiss it instead of having to reload the tab every time it appears. An “x” to close would be good enough.

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    (e.g. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.
    Anyone else find this disruptive? If you could dismiss it, when would you want it to reappear (e.g. never, each time you open the file, at a set usage amount, etc.)?

Memory available to Figma is not the same as the full computer memory. Each tab get allocated 2GB of memory at most and there is no easy way to know when you are approaching the limit other than the banner at the top. That’s why you can’t dismiss it, it requires you to act and split your file into multiple files. Otherwise you may not be able to edit it in the future and would need to restore the previous versions.

thanks for the response

yeah, I get all that. it makes sense that there’d be an intrusive, persistent message at some point but I just feel like the warning is overkill. if it’s something I can’t dismiss, I’d prefer it to take up less space, so like a much smaller banner, a small warning in the header, or maybe even something on the resource use overlay. I’m working around it anyway by reloading the tab every time it shows up so might as well make it easier to hide, even temporarily