Difficult horizontal overflow scrolling

I’ve got a mobile page with vertical scrolling and a child component with horizontal overflow scrolling. Vertical is great. But the image carousel that goes horiztonal is incredibly difficult to scroll all the way. It will scroll a little with a normal finger swipe/flick but then bounce back. In order to scroll the full horizontal width of the carousel i have to use multiple fingers successively to hold and drag and by brute force reach the end. it feels like there is an incredibly strong rubber band on the end of the content making it difficult to swipe. I see no exclamation marks when i view this frame or parent frames. Only this frame has horizontal overflow scrolling enabled and parent frames i have that off. I wasn’t sure what to do about clipping content for parent frames but toggling any of those details doesn’t seem to fix this. I’ve also tried artificially setting the frame wider than the content (with clip content on) and that doesn’t change anything. Any ideas? thanks!

i should add i’m trying this prototype out on my phone. when i try it on my desktop it’s impossible because i can’t hold it down with one finger and swipe with another finger like i can on mobile to get it to go all the way.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out! I’m here to assist you. While I can’t be certain of the solution without seeing the file, I believe these resources might be helpful for troubleshooting:

Additionally, the Figma community is a great place to find resources. For example, you can find various Figma files about carousels by searching with relevant keywords:: https://www.figma.com/community/search?resource_type=mixed&sort_by=relevancy&query=carousel&editor_type=all&price=all&creators=all. I recommend exploring some of these files for more insights!

If you’re still encountering issues, feel free to share the file link with us. I’d be happy to take a direct look and provide further support.