Differentiating library components from local components

I am trying to make it easy for our development team to consume the designs our design team creates, and need some help/advice.

It is important for some of the newer developers on our engineering team to easily distinguish which elements in a design file are ‘components’ in our component library (with a corresponding component in our code base) and which do not exist in the code base and may need to be built.

What I would like to be able to say is, ‘all the purple elements you see in a design file are components in our code base that you should be using’. The problem is that it is difficult to distinguish actual library components from local components I have just created to make my life as a designer easier. They both appear as purple ‘components’ when in the ‘inspect’ mode.

ASK: Is there some workaround to easily distinguish between these two different types on components? If not, could I enter a feature request to make library component one color (purple for example) and local components another color (blue or whatever)?

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