Design Systems & Dev Handoff

I have the privilege of building out a new brand, design system, design ops and developer handoff processes for a rapidly growing startup. I did the same for my last project and used primarily Sketch, InVision, Google Drive and Confluence, and I ran that for over a decade. I get the sense that a lot has changed since then, and I’ve made the switch to Figma.

I’d like to build out a token based design system and components, designs and protos in Figma, and I’m wondering what the best way is to hand these materials off to our developers (working in gitlab, building with vue).


  1. How do you communicate your design system tokens to your dev team? Can it be delivered without them recreating it?

  2. Is there a way for Figma components to be converted to usable front-end components?

  3. How does your process work? What works well? What doesn’t?

  4. Any recommended reading?

  5. Any suggestions for where else to post this question?

Thank you for your thoughts?


I have similar needs and questions around processes. I assume DevMode comes to the rescue here for the handover stuff?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the post! There are lot’s of types to build and manage design systems. Please let me share some video recordings that could give some insights.

I hope it helps.


I appreciate your response, but links to lists of videos does not provide me with the information I am looking for.

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