Define Page (or even File) Variable Mode

Hi all,

I love the new variables feature. It’s super powerful.
But I have a little feature request!
While exploring the possibilities to update our company design system, I ran into a question/feature suggestion.

We want some files to evolve in a certain variable mode and that mode only. It would be awesome to be able to chose & lock the mode of a file. I assume this would be possible with the Page mode choice, but I’m collaborating with a team mate on that design system and we noticed that when he swap the page mode, it’s not swaping for me, so we guessing that it is linked to the User/Designer view.

If something already exist or if i’m wrong please correct me.

Hey @Marius9, thanks for the feedback!

Since Variables is still in open beta, We’ll continue to add more features and polish the experience during this time. We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.