Customize Figjam interface + Limit sharing modules in Figjam file

  1. interface design wish to be customizable.

  2. When work with other people, I want to share only the section with other people in the FigJam board. Currently the link open all the contents in the board. would it be possible?

@Kenny8 Neither of these are available features at the moment.

1: While Figma has a dark mode option, FigJam does not. Outside of dark mode on Figma, we do not currently offer any customization of the FigJam interface.

2: This is not possible. Since FigJam is collaborative tool, the general idea is to make everything in the file accessible to those the file is shared with. That way, true collaboration can happen.

I’m retitiling your topic, and leaving it up as feedback. That way, others can add +1 votes if they are looking for something similar.

I love and use Figma exclusively for UX prototyping though have been using InVision for whiteboarding strictly because of its usable interface. I remember the mid-late 2000s skeuomorphic design aesthetic (early iPhone) where every button and icon was a photoreal looking, took up lots of screen real-estate and brought up a different menu or interface layer type (like button wheels, icon rows, text buttons, a skeumorphic old-timey record player, each with a different animation on hover, rows of skeumorphic icons for differnt type of drawing tools), all of the shiny gradients and shadows and overlays on overlays on overlays hiding and making the canvas area hidden and unusable. While It’s very interesting (in a throwback sense of the word) to see all of those UX un-friendly design trends back in play in FigJam’s interface, will there ever be an option to pivot or allow users to switch to an interface style that adheres to the UX principles that your target demographic holds in such high regard, and an interface style that doesn’t get in the way of user research and strategy efforts? You got so perfect in Figma Design canvas, how and why is it so clearly deviated from in FigJam? Did you purchase a 3rd party tool and refining its interface to be more in line with what you know would be a best in class user experience or are your FigJam UI designers trolling us?

True, while Figma interface look professional and intuitive, the FigJam doesn’t make sense in use as it just trying to show the simplicity not the real intuitiveness. and the UI of the FigJam is just primary school level APP. Figma team should more involve with FigJam to make it very collaborated tool.