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Custom team templates

Consider the following scenario:

  • My team needs to have a reusable template with a predefined layer structure so we don’t have to recreate the same file structure over and over and to keep our files consistent enough that designers, PMs and engineers know what to expect of our files regardless of the designer that worked on it.

  • We currently use a file the team manually duplicates by doing right click>duplicate and then move to the project they will be working on, but instead of this, we would prefer to just click on create new file and select a template from the dialog that figma provides. The problem we have is that you need to publish that file to the entire Figma community to be able to do this and the security policy of our company doesn’t allow this.

Should templates be public to the community by default? Can’t we just create a new template and make it available to our internal team only?


It’s not possible at moment so feel free to edit this post and move it to #product-ideas so people who vote for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Gleb I just did that! Is there a reason why this is not possible to do in the product today? Maybe figma decided to design that feature in the specific form it has today (which is likely to be the case, but I honestly just don’t understand the possible rationale behind designing the feature this way).

I guess it was just easier. It’s much simpler to build a static menu for everyone instead of highly customizable things for each user. So I too hope there are more improvements to come from the Figma team!

Actually, when I read about January 15th’s ‘Template Improvements’ I’d initially thought it meant what’s been posited in this thread! It would be really handy for my organization as well

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Same here! I got excited and hoped team templates was going to be announced as a thing. I’m going to be really happy when this is implemented.

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Just updated the title to make this more clear. This is definitely on our team’s radar! :slight_smile:


1up! We are also using file duplication in my team right now, and this is painful.

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This would be so useful - I need BA’s to start from a plain template to add basic components and this would be a great feature to include

Yes, I would create for each team / product a template with all the gems (auto layout etc). Would speed up the production and due to the template a given quality is insured.

+1 asap! ;D