Cursor "jumps" when I click /try to draw something

I’m new to Figma. I need help, please, on the following issue: when I draw some element (eg. square) on my frame in Figma, I point the cursor to a certain position on the frame, but when I click to draw the shape, the pointer moves / “jumps” to 5 mm away. This slows down the entire process and it’s very frustrating to work without precision, in a design software. Is there any way to correct this? I checked and I have the snap to grid active. Thanks

Hey @Mariana11, could you please make a screen recording of this issue happening on your end?

Hi @Mariana11, I had a similar problem. I will leave my case for others.

In my case, the root cause of the problem was the broken mouse - simply a tap sensor (left click) worked with some latency because it was worn out.