Creating a changelog based on Branch merges via API

Hi, we have adopted branching (for features or fixes) for many areas of our design team. For this particular case we are focused on the design system. For our Foundation and Component files we create branches for component updates or additions, issue PRs to other members of the team, approve, and merge the design system updates. This has gone really well, other than we want to have a changelog that gets published to Github.

This should be relatively straight forward using the REST API but unfortunately there is no indication in the version history of if a change was due to the merge of a branch. Actually there is very little information around branches overall in the API. The only thing you can do is include the branch_data param on a GET for the file and it only shows open branches, not merged branches with any info. I am curious if there is a plan to add indication of a branch merge in version history (ideally we could even filter the request for them) and if it can include any data about the merge such as the PR writeup used for review.

Even better would be to have an event type for Webhooks specifically for branch updates.