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Create static websites with Figma files

Hello there :wave:

I’m the creator of Figside, a website that allows you to import Figma file and turns it into hosted static websites! The service works well with files designed with the Auto Layout feature.

Some Web behaviours are not reproducible in Figma (like max width/min width, responsive behaviours…) that’s why I have also published a Figma plugin to set these kind of behaviour. I have created a bunch of Figma templates that you can remix and edit.

The service is currently in beta, if you have the opportunity to test it, I would be very interested in your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks! :heart:



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I like it! This looks interesting, I’m definitely going to give it a try when I’ll need a simple webpage.

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Great to see innovation like this, very well done for creating a solution to a frequently requested feature. :+1:

@Baptiste I discovered Figside while working on a template that I’d like to contribute to the community, similar to your “Classic Layout” design.

I ran into some issues and tried your product because it seemed to address the problem with my prototype not filling the entire browser window, and also setting min and max dimensions for elements.

I was able to work in Figside for a while, but then the sync with Figma stopped working for some reason. I sent the file link to your feedback.

Anyhow, I feel that your plugin has a lot of potential if it is able to generate truly adaptive experiences. For me, not so much to publish a website, but to publish Figma prototypes. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can :slight_smile: