Copywriter Text-Editor Only Permission


I suggest that Figma includes a “Copywriter” permission level, allowing designers to grant edit access to copywriters for text editing only, preventing displacement of elements. This would enhance collaboration between designers and copywriters, who play a vital role on product teams.


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As a UX designer, I work with a lot of product owners who (especially towards the end of a project) often only wish for minor text changes in the designs.

Since even small tasks take up time, it would be beneficial for both sides if the product owners could implement text changes themselves.

Based on the current role distribution in Figma, I cannot grant users “text-only” editing rights, which means there is always a risk that colleagues could inadvertently alter or destroy the design.

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+1 We also work with content creators whom we are now giving full access to the Figma files, but this is not ideal since it’s easy to misclick and accidentally move stuff.

Text-editing only is a very basic use case, I would suggest to also allow this plan to change images from placeholders to actual content since selecting the visual materials is also part of many content creators’ job. (Maybe also changing icons, but for non-glyph icons this is a different can of worms since it would involve instance swapping)

If this separate plan ever is created it would also be nice if it’s a bit cheaper than a full seat ;). Due to the current price we are hesitant to give all content creators access.