Copy/Paste variables with cmd + shift + C/V

I often copy/paste properties between elements. I would like for applied variables to also be copied. For example when I copy properties from an element that has a color variable applied and I paste the properties to another element, that other element only takes over the color value, not the variable.


Yeah now creating variables one by one is a painful process. Adding copy paste would be great!

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It’s completely unexpected that copying layer properties doesn’t paste variables as well. So painful :weary:


Being able to copy styles and have it paste the Variables rather than the Hex code seems like the expected behavior. Really hope they fix this since I copy styles in bulk and having all those other layers disconnected from the Variables really hinders my workflow.


I made the move from Styles to Variables to handle my design system colours, but now I regret it.

You could copy paste Styles, but can’t copy paste Variables. I read it’s somehow intended by the Figma team, but I do wonder how or why.

I’d very much be in favour of allowing copy pasting colour variables from one layer to another.

(as a side note, copying / overriding all types of variables could be interesting as well)

Is there any way to copy/paste variables from one object to another?

It’s fixed

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Updating you: it’s fixed :smiley:

Awesome, thanks for updating me!

I would love to see a holistic solution to this issue. Here is my proposal:

Even copying text that’s a different colour from one text box to the other changes the colour of the text back to black. At least Adobe does this well and have done forever… super frustrating and lengthy.