Copy Fill in figma


When I copy a fill in Figma, what is actually being put in the clipboard (I’m assuming that it’s the clipboard where the copied information is, unless Figma has something custom implemented for cmd+c).

Asking to see if I can re-create a custom string and use that to paste into fill.


By default, the action copies fills, effects, corner radius and other properties, but if you only want to copy certain properties then you can do this.

See this thread for details…


This specific ‘interaction’ is what I’m curious about. What is actually “put” in the clipboard when selecting a fill or any other property and pressing CTRL+C in Figma. If I try to paste it into any other software (e.g. any text editor) nothing gets pasted. So I’m wondering what happens when one does CTRL+C for a property. And if there’s a way to generate that copied ‘format’ somehow manually.

Oh I see. Sorry, no idea I’m afraid