Components detachment

Hello Figma community,

I have been struggling with one a text component where that if i want to change its instant colors it ill detaches from the component and hindering me from changing the text Stright from the component.

Hey there.

while you edit an instance (like changing a color or text or border, etc) it will override the default values of the main component. and even if you change the main component, the instance remains unaffected by the change. This happens because people usually change/update instances intentionally, like they want to make some exceptions, but they don’t want to create another variant.

Not sure if this happened in your case, but still, try this:

Select the desired frame inside the instance that you might have changed its property. then from the design panel (in the right side), select the 3 dots button, and reset those properties that you want to reset. Let me know if it helped.

Example of reseting the text inside an instance of a button component

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Thank you so much! That helped a lot

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