Component Update Issues in External Library Integration

Hi everyone,

I had to replicate an entire design system from one project to another, as I needed it for a similar project I’m currently working on. Within my design system, there’s a single file containing all my UI screens, which reference components from an external library, along with other elements like typography and colors.

After duplicating the UI screen file, I made sure to replace the previous library used in the file with the duplicated one. I then proceeded to make various changes in the new component library, primarily focusing on styling. However, when I attempt to publish these changes, I’m encountering an issue where some components within the UI screens file are not updating. This situation is quite frustrating, especially considering the file contains numerous screens. While I can observe that certain components have been successfully updated, others, such as text colors, remain unaffected.

I’ve made several attempts to resolve this problem. I’ve tried unpublishing and republishing, resetting all changes in the specific instances that aren’t updating in the UI screen file, restarted Figma, and even experimented with some component relink plugins. Unfortunately, none of these measures have proven effective thus far.

Does anyone have had the same issue and found a solution?

All fixed. My issue was that the button was part of nested components and a lot of overrides in those parent components. Had to reset all changes in many of those nested components.

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Hi Ludo! Glad to hear you found a fix! :smile: