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Component not visible in prototype

Hi everyone, I have an issue with instances of a component (a line) that is not visible in prototype view, but shows up fine in the work file. I’ve tried the following to troubleshoot but no success:

  • copying content in affected frames, and pasting them onto new frames
  • detaching the instance
  • creating a new component
  • making sure the component instances are within the artboard
  • clearing the browser

I’d appreciate your input in solving this issue, thank you.

Okay, I think I’ve solved the issue. I had the component (a divider line) be set to 0.5px in weight, but once I set it to 1px, it shows up consistently. Looks like Figma has some trouble consistently displaying elements that are less than 1px in size.

Same issue happening for me and I also have .5px lines - some appear while others don’t, super annoying, hope they fix this.

Edit - Found a different solution for this issue -I making sure the object position on Y axis is pixel perfect number. When I had object on Y axis at 300.74px the line disappeared, when I corrected to 300px (removing .74) it appeared. Hope this helps someone!