Component name grouping

Hey guys,
So, if I create a naming group in the assets panel (for example Button/Action and Button/Common), how do I ungroup them?

Hey there, the groups depend on the page and parent frame the original component is sitting in. So choosing different parent frames or placing them directly (not nested) within pages changes the grouping structure.

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Hi Dennis,
The components are not sitting in a frame, they are standalone so to speak. But in the assets [ane; in the left sidebar, you can group them, either by Ctrl+G or by naming componets using slash /
For example, I can rename ComponentA into Test/ComponentA and ComponentB into Test/ComponentB, then, in the left side bar I will find ComponentA and ComponentB in the Test group. I can also achieve this by selecting ComponentA and ComponentB in the assets panel and Ctrl+G.

But ungrouping them is impossible, same goes for taking them outside the group, the only solution being to rename the components and taking the Test/ out of their names.

Is that the only solution?