Color component property

Obviously changing the colors of text, icons, ui is a quick and easy task. However – with the new roll out of component properties, allowing you to even more quickly update varying components, adding the addition of updating the color would be even more efficient.

I am currently working on some social media templates, utilizing the component properties. The goal is so a non-designer, probably content designer, can come in with limited Figma and design knowledge to create social media posts. I am giving them limited ability to make drastic changes, but for posts that may have slides with text color changing - they now have to go into the layers to update the color. This is where a Color Component Property would be very beneficial. Give them preferred colors that would be allowed to use, and some swatches to click through.

Would love to see this happen!


I feel this would be useful as well - especially for preferred values (as with icons). Being able to limit to viable choices within a design system for brand and accessibility combinations would be fabulous.


I agree 100% Use cases like creating avatar components, where if there is no profile photo associated with an account a random colour is assigned to the avatar. It would make using said component much simpler if I could apply a different colour to each photoless avatar using props.

I am currently looking for such a functionality - 100% support this. Please implement this feature

I could sure use this right now!

I would absolutely love to see this happen!

Also from a designer point of view, just the possibility of turning the color hex code into a text property would already help tons and reduce the needed amount of variant definitions :pleading_face: :pray:

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