CMD + Shift+ O to open a File URL from clipboard

Opening a file is CMD + O. Make opening a file from a link CMD + SHIFT + O.

I use the desktop app so I’m usually copying a link and having to navigate up to the top of my large 34" monitor to open from clipboard. There’s a shortcut for opening a file which I have done maybe once in 5 years.

It seems like a pretty logical next step to just have cmd + shift + O be the operator to open a file a different way.

Adding the shift will also reduce accidental launches.

Also, waiting for Chrome to load it and then clicking open in app isn’t an ideal option for me. I use Arc and a Chrome App for Meet so links from slack open in Arc and links from Meet open in Chrome and it becomes a navigation nightmare.

Hey Alex, thanks for sharing this suggestion. One thing I want to make sure you’ve seen is the setting to Open links in the desktop app. Do you have this checked?