Change default canvas stacking in auto layout

As a web developer, I’m absolutely of the opinion that this setting should be visible in the auto layout section, and that I should be able to set this as some level of global default. There is almost no case in which I would need Last on Top, meanwhile any time I am creating/applying common UI elements like popovers, dropdowns, and comboboxes, I have to repeatedly set stacking to First on Top.

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Really hoping to see this happen: I have to manually toggle “first on top” for any frame that I prototype with. It’s not the kind of thing that is easy to catch without testing every single frame/component either :confused:

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I need this feature as well! Biggest painpoint in my workflow today

But in web dev it IS last on top by default unless you change the stacking order manually with positioning, transforms, z-index, etc. Figma is closer to web default.

I think this should remain by default last-on-top and Figma instead should give us actual z-index functionality.

The way the real web works is last on top, I think it would be more confusing for developer handoff if Figma was the opposite of what they will see in HTML.

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Over a year an a gazillion people voting this up. Figma continues to ignore good user experience and ignore its users’ needs.

This is definitely a minor, but time consuming pain point that I hope Figma will fix. Easy to create a setting for the default.

I agree here as well, would save a lot of issues

+1 on this, super annoying

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+1, very annoying also. While working in Figma it seems all good up until the point you’re previewing the prototype - open a dropdown component somewhere - and then remember that you need to go back and set canvas stacking to first on top. This would save so much time daily.

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As someone who is just learning to use Figma, the fact that the default isnt first on top has been a significant hinderance to learning to use Figma, and caused a lot of frustration for me over the last week or so. At a minimum, we need some kind of way to change the setting for everything, or all of the parts of a whole.

I think the real issue is not so much whether it’s intuitive, because we can always learn and get used to it. What I think the REAL problem is, is that the ‘last on top’ logic is not consistently applied within Figma itself. When i remove or add autolayout from a frame, the logic flips. Without AL, it’s always ‘first on top’. This is highly annoying and confusing, especially if you’re fiddling with a component and adding/removing AL to the same frame when iterating.

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Any Updates on this?

big up. make it work the obvious and natural way.

+1 for this :+1:

+1, would be a game changer for me :grinning:

+1 for this! :muscle: Hope this will be implemented soon… :pray:

I second this. Really need this so bad when creating large app