Can't upload video

I just paid for a Pro subscription. More than anything to upload videos to my prototypes.
For some strange reason, I am unable to get things going.
On the desktop version, I get “Uploading videos only work in files in paid Pro teams…”
And this functionally doesn’t work on my desktop version.

I am having fun using FIGMA. But I would be having even more fun if this bug did not exist.

Make sure the file you are editing is in the team instead of your Drafts.

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Thanks @Gleb.
I moved it, and it did not work :frowning:

Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Maybe try moving it to Drafts and then back? And reload Figma just in case? And if you have multiple teams, make sure you put it into the one that has the Pro subscription. If that doesn’t work I have no idea.

It worked!
Thanks for your help!
I appreciate it.

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