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Can't scroll prototype? Best settings for desktop prototype?

I’m setting up a desktop prototype and my researcher is telling me she and testers are having issues scrolling the screens. She’s using Chrome on a PC, I’m using Chrome on a Mac. They scroll just fine for me.

At the moment they’re set to presentation, display at 100%. Wondering if I should set them to the width of the artboard with a scale up/down? (Wish I didn’t have to set a height too, but whatever…)

Anyone run into a similar issue? Recommended settings for user testing a desktop prototype?

We’ve run into similar issues but the problem was the users we were testing with did not have scroll-wheels on their mouse. So if the person using the prototype is used to seeing a scroll bar and clicking and dragging on it, they will not see that in a Figma prototype.

Not sure if that’s the same issue but it’s what we’ve run into, often with folks on PCs not Macs.

Yes. I just ran into this with a user test. I created a fake scroll bar and used the drag option in the prototype tools. There are more screens needed to handle this but it seems to satisfy the users’ needs in this regard. Prototype for the “scroll bar”

Here is a link to the project