Can't Get Node with Prefix I

I was using GET/v1/files/:key/nodes endpoint with id param and value I360:21745;1269:159559 to retrieve node data . But the response was just empty array in children attribute in the Page Node where the targeted node exist.

{ "id": "360:10850", "name": "Page 5", "type": "CANVAS", "children": [] ... }

But when I tried to get the node with id 360:10850, it was fine and the node I360:21745;1269:159559 was in the response as well.

How can I get the data for node with id I360:21745;1269:159559? Is there something I should change in my request?

Prefix I means this node is nested within an instance. I see no reason for it not to be returned but from your description it seems like instance sublayers are not returned with this method for some reason. I would try to get the parent instance if possible and then process its children nodes. I don’t have any other ideas.

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Yeah. I think that will do for now. Thanks.