Cannot use two after delay actions

Hi, I’d like a frame to dissolve to another frame, after a delay, then show an overlay for x seconds, hide the overlay (which I have working) then move to the next frame, after a delay by dissolving.

I’v tried to nest the overlay in a component and use the standard overlay actions but I can’t seem to get 2 auto delay actions to work. Is this even possible?

Hi @samG, Thanks for getting in touch regarding After delay interactions!
I came across a similar topic discussed by other community members that might provide some insights for you: Is there a way to add multiple interactions of the same type?
Please feel free to check it out and add any comments or thoughts you have!

Hope this proves helpful! If there’s anything else I may have overlooked, do let me know.


Thank you.

I wasn’t able to use this technique. I managed to apply a delayed action on the frame, then another delayed action on a component in the same frame which kinda worked.

I ended up changing the way my design worked anyway to get this to work better; I ended up…

  1. putting a delay action on the frame to open an overlay
  2. then I placed a call to action (CTA) button in the overlay so the user instructed the prototype to move to the next frame.
  3. then another delay action on the next frame and so on

I think this needs to be made more intuitive. Seems like a simple thing but trying to achieve it is very clunky. I’m also a bit confuse with the ‘mouse up’ and ‘mouse down’ actions. I have read up on them but still can’t grasp them.

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