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Can you export Figma file to import into InVision Studio?

I want to know if there is a way to export a Figma file so I can import it into InVision. I like working in Figma but due to the bug with sharing the prototype and it being distorted I want to find a solution. I thought doing the prototyping elsewhere until it is fixed might make sense. Thanks.

I don’t think there are any plugins for InVision export, however there is one for ProtoPie.

That’s a shame.

You can export all your frame as jpg then load them in Invision :sweat_smile:

But if it’s a jpg I can’t prototype it which is my whole reason for this question. Due to the Figma bug that is not being fixed, where the shared prototype is distorted depending on which browser it is shared through, I wanted to find an option I could depend on. :blush: