Can I use tow IF operators in one conditional?

I’m going through prototyping playground and I cann’t overcome one condition. I need my #VolumeBar panel to stay red to 450 pixels when it shrinks. But it immediately turns yellow. Because I can’t use the second IF or even AND

You can’t nest IF inside another IF, but you can add another one outside as a second Conditional

I also think it’s impossible, not that I didn’t understand the functionality. Thank you!

So, can anybody provide the solution for “Go further…” How to write a condition where the “volumeBar” color changes appropriately? Like the original poster mentioned. For example, if “volumeBar” is at 600 and you select minus, “volumeBar” color should remain RED, but it changes to YELLOW, due to the “else” condition which the original poster shows.


Just figured it out.
As the OP’s Conditional statement.

If “volumeLevel” <= 300
set variable yellow to green
is fine, but leave the “else” statement blank.

I also added to the [-] button,

if “volumeLevel” is >= 450
set variable yellow to red.
set variable yellow to yellow

Then, everything worked.