Can I still use the Figma app on iPhone SE (1st generation)?

Hello everyone !

I come to you today because I encountered a rather disturbing issue last night. I’ve been making for the past few years my mockups on an iPhone SE screen to fit the minimal size (320x568px) and I use the Figma app to check my mockups on a real iPhone SE (1st generation). Everything was good until the Figma app asked me to update the app and when I went to the app store I saw the message “requires iOS 16.0 or more”. But the thing is that my iPhone is stuck to iOS 15.8 and I can’t get this update version…

Has anyone encountered the same issue ? Is there any solution to keep using the Figma app on my iPhone SE or should I say it farewell and move on to a more advanced device (which means all my mockups won’t fit the same) ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Thank you for your continued patience. It’s impressive to see your dedication to the first-generation iPhone SE. However, to access the latest Figma app features, an upgrade to a device compatible with iOS 16 is necessary. As a workaround, you might consider using Figma via a mobile browser, but please be aware that this solution may have its limitations. For detailed information on Figma’s browser requirements, you can visit this link:

I know this is not the ideal answer for you. Thank you for your understanding.


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It’s impressive how application technology companies “force” users to have new devices.
It makes me sad to see the world like this.

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Same here!
Well done Marcello, we are on the same team! I still have my SE. I love it and don’t want to change, especially if it’s because of software.
Everything worked perfectly and no changes were needed. It’s so stupid.

Maybe it’s time to change the software and use a different application instead of being forced to change the hardware.