Can I move a library file to another team (in the same org) and keep it's component instances intact?

Tried searching for a similar post, but the closest I could find was this: Move a design system file from an existing project to a new project
And as it was closed with no answers, I dediced to create a new post.

Basically my need is very simple: I want to move an entire library file and all of it’s published components to under another team in the same org, and keep all of the component instances in other files and links to this library intact.

Is this possible? To clarify: I want to preferrably move the entire library file in one go, and not move all of the components separately with the “Move published components” -feature.

Also: to where should I even move the components, if it isn’t possible to move the entire library? The current file is fine, with all of it’s pages etc. Would feel odd to me to dublicate the library file, remove all the components from the duplicate and then move the components to the duplicate file, where I would anyway have to spend (a lot) of time in reorganizing the components in different pages.

Some background: In our org’s Figma, we have product-related files in one team (say, “Team P”) and design system related files and libraries in another team (Team DS). I have my library in “Team P” now, but would like to move the library file to the “Team DS”, as that is the place where all of the component libraries should exist.

Hope someone has the answer to this! Thank you in advance :blush:

Answering myself, as after asking this in another forum, someone encouraged me to do this, as there shouldn’t be any issues in this. And indeed YES, it is possible and there shouldn’t be any issues with the links to the components pointing to the library.


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