Can I mark a component as "added from my plugin whin these parameters" in components data and expose these parameters to project viewers?

I new to figma plugins, and I want to make a component plugin both for designer and developers, designer can chose parameters in figma plugin to generate a component, developer can get those parameters as viewer of this figma project, and use them directly in code project with the library I provided.
Is this possible with plugin API? or how can I do this in other ways?

I found setPluginData method in plugin api docs, but how can I expose those data to viewers?

Viewers cannot run plugins/widgets at this time.

I knew, but can I serialize my parameters to string and store them to somewhere like component description or something similar to let viewers copy them?

Maybe a redundant group and use it name to store them?

Sure, both of these approaches would work fine.

Yes, you can write your parameters in the component description. But editors can remove/change it.

Thanks, I’ll try this first.