Can figma do this?

Hi! I try to build a component that has different “co-dependent” childs. As I am not a developer this is pretty hard to explain for me so I tried to scribble it. Its about combining certain Variants while other Combinations are not possible/ permitted/ false… is it possible to do this via properties ? So for example if I choose Variante 1 in Comp 1 I just want to allow the combination with Var 1 of Comp 2 but not with Var 2 of Comp 2 and so on. Geez, this is hard to explain. :pensive: If you have any Infos or Videos on YT I’d be super grateful.

Hey Michael, I am checking this internally with the team if this would be actually possible with variables. Will get back to you when I have an answer.

Hey Michael,
Please try Boolean variables, this may helps you to do it. More information how to use it in this article here:

Hope this helps!