Boolean Variables

I am running into a problem with the Boolean Variable. Even having watched Youtube tutorials to understand that you should be able to apply to the boolean property to the layer visibility (eye icon). When I click this it just hides and unhides my components and doesn’t give me such an option. Is this a bug, or am I missing a step?

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Right-click on this icon in the properties panel.


Perfect, thank you so much

Using right-click on a button icon to show a menu is incredibly non-standard - it’s not something I would ever have expected to try and I’ve seen enough posts here asking about how to go about doing this to suggest that UX for this action is lousy.

Ideally, available Boolean variables should either be included in the same dropdown as Boolean properties, or there should be a separate “assign variable” button used to assign variables in other locations.

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It took me ages to figure this out, especially as i’m using a trackpad. A separate icon for applying a variable should be included in the Layer panel.