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Batch replacing of styles with same names when pasting components on different library files

When copying and pasting components from another project (Project B) to the one we are currently working on (Project A), it would be useful to give us the option to match and replace styles with the same name.

For example:

  1. For Project A I need to add a communication form on the “Contact Us” page.
  2. Since I have already worked on a similar form for Project B, I want to reuse the same form master component, instead of creating another one from scratch.
  3. For Project A I use color styles such as “Light Gray”, “Dark Gray”, “Icon color”. This is the same style structure I used for Project B as well.
  4. When I paste the component from Project B on Project A, Figma recognizes that I use the same naming system for my color styles.
  5. Figma then opens up a pop-up window with the following message: "These 3 color styles use the same name. Would you like to adjust and replace the newly added styles to the ones you are already using on “Project A name”? Yes/No/Don’t show again this messafe for this file.
  6. After I click “Yes” the color styles of the newly added component will be replaced by the ones I am using on Project A

This way I will not need to select and replace the styles manually to match them to my styleguide for Project A

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