Automatically show prototype on mobile or web depending on device that is opened on

Hi all, trying to use Figma to build my portfolio. Created web and mobile view and wondering if there’s a way to serve the right view depending the device that is opened with. Let’s say I have the link to my portfolio and when someone opens in their phone, it shows the mobile version and if opened on desktop, it shows the prototype web view.
Is that an available feature?

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Hey there, no this is not possible since prototypes are not as dynamic as real websites and therefore not responsive.

Not sure if a plugin exists that helps in that case but I’ve personally never heard of one that offers those flexibility.

You could prepare different prototypes and send out different links for desktop + phone, but that probably isn’t what you want to do and I certainly would not recommend to use Figma prototypes as a replacement for a real portfolio website.

A different solution would be to use Framer to convert your Figma file into a more dynamic and interactive prototype since it can handle responsiveness pretty well.


Thank you, that makes sense!


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