Automatically resizing text in stickies

Is it only me who is frustrated that font sizes within stickies have to be set manually instead of being resized automatically based on the amount of text (such as it works in Miro)?

I’ve seen earlier threads where the manual size setting was requested but I feel like this is a half-baked solution to the problem. I don’t want to think about the right font size each time I’m writing a sticky… :frowning: For me this is probably the only thing that keeps me always wanting to go back to Miro…

A post was merged into an existing topic: Please add auto-size for fonts :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Balazs_Guti!
We’ve merged your feedback with an existing one to get a more accurate gauge of interest from the community. We’ll continue to pass the feedback from this thread to the FigJam team. Thank you!

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