Autolayout text set height & width

Hi! I’ve got a button with an icon and text, where the icon is higher than the text. I want the button to always maintain the same height, but if I hide the icon (which is bigger) in the instance the button automatically adjusts to the height of the text. I really thought it was possible to set the height of the text to fixed, and set the width to hug content. However whenever I change the first to fixed, it automatically changes the latter to fixed as well, so I cannot have a fix height but flexible width or vice versa. I really thought it used to be possible… Driving me nuts :slight_smile: It looks like it can only be done with dirty workaround where I put the text in a separate autolayout within the button…

I really thought I was able to do this before :slight_smile:

Instead of changing the text resizing function, set a fixed height for the variant in the component set.