Autolayout jumbles input fields

Hello Everyone,

So I am tasked with grouping a couple of input layers and nesting them in an auto layout.

I am having trouble nesting the input layers and not having auto layout completely jumble them.

It’s really taken a lot of my time and brainpower trying to figure this out :dotted_line_face:

Could you share an example (link to a figma file with the form fields that misbehave on autolayout) or a more detailed description of what you’re trying to do?

Sure, I’ll attach images.

One is the input fields all lined up in their appropriate order.

The other image shows the same input fields after auto layout and as you can see, they are all over the place.

They appeared in the wrong order but the jumbled-up one is with auto layout applied

They’re not jumbled, they’re just automatically laid out vertically, aligned to the right, with no vertical spacing between them. To get the overall layout you want, you’ll need set up auto layout to manage both the horizontal layout of the fields that should sit in the same row, and then also auto layout to manage the vertical layout of the rows.

I made a short video to explain what I think is happening and one way you could get the layout you want.