Auto Layout Bug?!

Hi everyone
I ran into an auto layout “problem” that makes me doubt what is the expected behaviour.

I could swear by that having the following settings resulted in an auto layout hugging the fixed item and the text adapting to the width of the fixed item. Instead the text just runs as wide as it can and the auto-layout adjusts itself after it. The only fix is setting the auto layout to fixed and then adjusting the fixed item to match the size.

Auto layout
Width: hug
Height: hug

Item A Image
Width: fixed
Height: fixed

Item B Text
Width: Fill
Height: Hug


It is not a bug, but expected behaviour.
The parent frame is set to hug, and you assume the width it “hugs” is the fixed width image, but it hugs everything inside, and because your text is set to Fill, the text will take its entire length as there is nothing constraining it, and therefore, the parent frame that hugs takes on the width of the text item.

I hope that makes sense.

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@Shukri This definitely is a bug or the least a changed pattern as components set up months ago are literally breaking due to this.

@Figma_Support This is a pretty big issue cause now we have to start worrying about previous client work and future updates. There was no update auto layout dialog. Just things breaking. I have submitted a report on this (via an organisation account, this was accidentally posted from my private one). Thank you in advance.

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Can confirm this is an issue for me as well. Usually the system would indicate that the layers or the parent changed settings from hug to fixed – and it doesn’t anymore. Having all layers with fill would automatically make the parent fixed before, for instance.

Item B: text is set to fill? Why, it should be set to fixed because auto layout of both is set to width hug, make sure either the auto layout or the text is set to a fixed value.

The issue can be found as the following:
width: hug;
height: hug;
Item A: width:fixed;
Item B: width:fill;

autolayout width & Item b width are not set to limit any width.

Limit either one of them you want and problem solved.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Also an issue for me, and this is definitely changed behavior with a recent software update. Not great, please revert/fix, dear Figma team.

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Finding broken autolayouts in random places all over our projects. @Figma_Support surely others have reported this issue.

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I noticed this change too, I also think this is a bug, and an issue for me.
Maybe this should be posted elsewhere, not in the “Ask the community”

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@Zoltan_Szalay Nice to be confirmed that this is indeed a bug. Was second guessing myself a lot.

I opened an official ticket with Figma but they said they haven’t changed anything and argued for an incorrectly set up document and auto-layout. They were friendly and eager to help but I am not sure they understood the problem.

Note that this is not an issue when the text is wrapped into another auto-layout. That is often the case when designing a card but if you only have a single text box and image it is an overkill.

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Hi everyone,

Since the auto layout update, the top and left padding of all components of the Ant Design System for Figma UI Kit have disappeared. I have tested with different version of the UI kit, the bug appears each time. Has anyone else had the same bad surprise?

Thank you in advance for your help.
@Figma_Support !

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I was in touch with Figma over the last weeks and I can repport they have fixed this issue.

After this morning’s Figma update, I ran a test by re-releasing a UI kit from Ant Design. The bug seems to have been fixed with this new library release. Thanks @Figma_Support

@Support_Team I can confirm I’m also getting this issue. a work around is to remove the item from the auto-Layout in the layers window and then place it back into the same Auto-layout Group

Head’s up that support_team isn’t a user/group associated with Figma.