Archive for Files/Projects

It’s a distraction to look at the files that I won’t be using again. I want few files to be stored but not as active ones.

It’s better if we have tabs or statuses for the files like active and archived.

Did you guys feel the same?


Would be so great to have one file that you can tag “ARCHIVE”, search will not search on it & thumbnail would be opacity 50%.


This would be fantastic. Our team also needs this at the Project level.


It would be better to archive files in a Project folder to hide those deprecated files. That would clean out my project folders better.
If I want to search for those archived files, I could use a toggle (or a setting) to turn on/off and show/hide archives again.


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We would really benefit from the ability to archive projects. We don’t want to create a new team outside of our main one to do this, because multiple team members still need access to our archived projects. The Team is littered with dozens of projects due to our scale. Being able to hide them from view and access when necessary would be really helpful.


Even custom sorting order would be a kind of a solution if that is easier to do.
Or tagging / filtering by tags.


Yah, I’d like to actually do this at a Project level. If I have a project that is over and all the stuff in it (could be one to many files) need to be archived, then I don’t want to have to manually archive each of the files individually. Instead, I’d like to just archive the full project (resulting in all the stuff within getting archived too.)

Furthermore, I’d like to just download a full project as a zip file containing all the fig files for each of the projects. If I could do that, then I can manage my zips on my own outside of the Figma construct (which is plenty flexible for me).

See Ability to “Archive” or “Download” all files in a Project request.


It’s wild to me that this feature doesn’t exist yet. Like many in here, my team’s organization is very bloated with work that is no longer relevant. I can’t archive them, so they take up tons of space in our dashboard. I can’t even batch export .fig files to store in a backup somewhere, so I would have to go through and manually export many many files. Not super awesome :sweat_smile:


Same here, … I would really expect an option to archive files to declutter our workspace.

+1. This definitely needs to be a thing. Our studio Figma is so cluttered with old projects…

Hi All, our greatest need is to have a way to search and find assets in a branched archive file, and from what I have tested using Find plugins, etc., you can’t find anything in a archive branch (nor can you run a plugin when an archive is being viewed.
I was going to start the practice of branching by archiving annually and using that archive as a historical (searchable) record, but that won’t work for those reasons.
We don’t want to have to duplicate or restore an archive so we can search it, so we are back to creating a full file archive, cluttering up our workspace. So that being the case, I’m with y’all - this needs to be addressed. Cheers, Ben

+1 We NEED this badly!

Right now, since we also don’t have the ability to create sub-folders in projects, I have to move my old dead files to a separate TEAM called “Archive” with the same project name structure. BUT they still show up in search results which is a total MESS! :confounded:

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Has this topic been action by Figma in any way? I’ve seen the same feature request in a topic from 2018!

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This feature would be really appreciated.

Voting for this feature too! I also have multiple unused design files that we no longer use but I want to keep them for reference. The ability to archive would really help organize the project!

This as a must have for offline archiving in bulk. Right now you have to go one-by-one which is a pain.

+1 I was looking for this, thought it was implemented already but obviously not.

This and/or the ability to create sub-folders within projects (then I could create a folder called archive. But I guess that wouldnt handle search. Maybe a archive subfolder has to be special/managed, then it could be implemented with lower opacity and hidden from search results…)

Would love to have this feature. Right now coming out of the Sketch/Invision ecosystem, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way for Figma to archive files out of the box. This was easier to do with Sketch because I had control over the files on my hard drive.

It’ would be nice to see Archive next to Recents and Drafts in the left panel.

+1 for Archiving!

It would also be great if there was a universal notification on the Figma doc to alert users who have come there via a link (eg. a developer) that this file is now archived. If you could modify the notification as well that would be even better, so you could give a name to contact or alternative Figma doc to go to