Allow master component properties to be assigned to nested instances of components inside the master

I am creating a wide set of input components, for each of these components I want to add a label option. Ideally I would be able to create a master label with its options like size, label text etc. that I can add to each of the input fields. At the moment the only way I can give access to the label text is to surface the nested components, which then makes all properties for that component visible in the master component within it is nested.

I think it would be really helpful if:

  • A property added to the master component can be assigned to a property of a nested instance of another component, e.g add a text property to the master input field and then assign that text property to the child instance of the text label component

  • An alternative to the above could be to allow users to decide which properties of a child instance to show as opposed to showing all of them. So in this example, when I select to show nested instance properties, instead of just selecting the instance for “input Label”, I will also have the option to select only some of the properties of a nested instance to show, so I can select to show only the “Label Text” property and not show the “Size” property for instances of the input field.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Stefan_Schoeman!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.