Allow component variants to be lazy loaded

Right now a component with lots of variants is fully loaded into page memory making large components fill memory fast. It’d be awesome if there were a checkbox in the component settings that allowed variants to be lazy loaded.

Switching options on a component would then take more time, but at the benefit of only having layers in use loaded in memory.


Hey there! Thanks for the feedback and sharing your idea. We’ll pass it along to our team for consideration and gauge the overall interest in the community :slightly_smiling_face:


Also experience this as a big memory issue as well. This could make a huge difference in our library performance! :heart_eyes:


Yes! Anything to improve memory management in Figma would be extremely welcomed by our design systems team!


This would be great, rad suggestion Cody!


This would be a tremendous improvement! P0 for sure :slight_smile:


Running out of memory is such a pain for many of my projects. This would be a huge improvement!

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Oh my goodness. I am so on board with this. Imagine being able to set this for individual properties??

For example, my “State” props go entirely unused in mockups—they exist purely for realistic prototype experiences and for devs to grab styling values. I’m sure there’s loads of other variant props like that: necessary, but they go unused. Whereas other properties I might want to keep fast access to. Something like a boolean for “logged in” or “logged out.”

This is a tremendous idea Cody, thank you for posting!

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Coming back to this. Was hoping to see an update or reply from Figma :slight_smile:

I know! I’ve tried contacting a few people inside Figma as well. I guess they just don’t prioritize performance.