All prototype screens are plain black

Hi folks, all the prototype screens for all the Figma file are unable to load. The screens seems to be plain black with the Figma Prototype UI. When I click, the page seems to change but again nothing gets rendered.

Hi @Uditshankar_Dixit
You’re not the only one experiencing this problem. Figma staff is looking into that matter right now. They are asking people to share their prototype to better understand the problem on this post:

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Hey Haroll, thanks a ton for sharing this :slight_smile:

While trying to unblock folks on our side, very surprisingly, we found there was a very specific component which was causing the problem. When we removed it, the prototype started working smoothly.

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Hello! The same things… just black screen

Again, issues with the prototype. It’s not working. It worked well 3 days ago, and now I’m having issues.

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Did this issue ever get fixed for your guys? My team is now experiencing the same issue.

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Hi, I have the same issue. How did You fixed that problem?

I did Figma update yesterday and since then, prototype gone black. Same with the app…