All Hover actions not working on one page version

I’m working on a website for a client, and the prototype is acting funny. All hover actions for one page are not working, but on that same page (instance of the first page) with a different header the hover actions work fine.

I think it has something to do with the header, but I can’t figure out what is keeping it from working.

Default Page:



Navbar (has hover affects that work)


Page (The Main component. None of the hover states working)

Scrolled Page (hover states all work)



Navbar (no hover affects)


Page (Instance of first page, but all hover affects work)

Not sure what is going on. Any insight?

Hi @D_Scott_Clark ,
Hmm, it will be easier to see your prototype to check if we can replicate this. Please reach out to our support team via this form for help:

Please send a copy of your file and share it with can have a deeper look into what’s causing this.

Thank you for your response. Just submitted a ticket.

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This problem continues.
The ‘while hovering’ don’t working in projects.

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