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Aha! Integration

Request - Our team is using Aha! for project planning. It would be great to have an Aha! Integration with Figma.

In what way exactly do you want Figma to be integrated with this tool?

Thanks for the reply! We use Aha! for our Scrum boards and would love to be able to embed Figma files into Aha!, much like what’s allowed with Jira.

In this case you need to talk to the developers of Aha, because Figma already allows embedding via the live embed kit, they just need to implement it into the tool.

Hi Gleb, does live embed kit supports private figma files? I found Figma was working on it on a year-old-blog (Bringing live Figma embeds to your team’s favorite tools), I’m really curious if it’s now supported, and can you tell me where I can find documentation for the authentication?

Thanks in advance!

It should work out of the box I think, no need to do anything. If you are logged in in Figma in the browser, the embed would work for you. If not — it won’t.

We want to make the Figma embed available to public, for those who don’t have access to our Figma files… Can this still work?

No. The file has to be open to the public if you want it to be viewable by anyone, be it via the embed or simply opening the link.

Ok got it. thanks