After Delay Animation Question

I wish to have two elements come into view at different times using an ‘After Delay’ interaction. Then the frames need to dissolve at the same time. This animation would thenneed to endlessly loop.

At the moment I can achieve the first animation perfectly. Frame A appears, Frame B appears 1 second after, and they both disappear in unison.

However, from then on, the staggering becomes increasingly more delayed, and they start not to dissolve at the same time.

Is there a way to achieve my goal using Figma?

Hey Will - sorry for the delayed reply in this, but are you able to share a copy of the animation/prototype you’r working with? You can DM me with a link if you’re okay with sharing it. I’d like to be able to visualize this scenario a bit more.

Hi All, Did you happen to find a solution for multiple “after delay” actions on the same page?