Admin Event Logs for Viewed Prototypes

I love sifting thru admin logs to learn how people are using Figma, but the meta-data included in the activity log csv export seems a little behind the curve.

When you view the event type: Viewed a prototype you can see who opened up a particular Figma Design file, but there’s some critical info missing. Prototypes were enhanced some time ago to allow multiple start points, or flows inside one particular page of a Figma file.

So if I want to understand exactly which prototype someone looked at in a file (that can have multiple start points on multiple pages), I need two other pieces of info:

  1. node-id
  2. starting-point-node-id

The first node is the page, and the second is the starting point of the flow. You get both of these when you pick a link to start the prototype from in the Sidebar (details here)

It’s not surprising that when adding Flows to Prototypes no one updated the logging, but it does leave a gap in the value of the feature. It’s one that’s creating some security headaches for me, at least.