Adding Sound FX to prototype

Hi everyone…

I recently worked on a couple of video game UI, and I realised that would be awesome to have the option to add sound to animations / transitions.

It would be useful to have it as ‘‘behaviour’’ into the existing component animation feature

For example: On Click → play sound XXXX

And also to attach a sound to a frame, as it gets triggered when, in prototype mode, you navigate to a new frame.

For example: Screen 1 —> navigate to → screen 2 ( sound played ).

That would make game prototypes much more complete and realistic!

Right now, I need to record the interaction and edit / adding sound in a motion/video software.

The current approach to add sounds to your prototype is to add hidden videos, which can be triggered (play/pause) by your interactions.

Hmmm… this is a good suggestion indeed, thanx a lot Chrtz…

I still do think that treating sound as an actual UI dimension ( same as font, colour or size ) would be quite useful!

Well, it actually works just in Paid Pro files… I m on my free personal plan, too bad :frowning:

@Chrtz can you provide a bit more detail on this? Do I need to link to an external file? When I see click interactions, I don’t see play, pause. Just the usual options. Thanks in advance

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@Judy_John hi there – this Video (Office hours: Prototyping like a Pro - YouTube) by Figma might be a good watch, as they show several approaches of how embedding and using videos.

The links provided by @tank666 are worth to be checked out, too – like always :wink:

Thanks for the quick response @tank666 and @Chrtz . I see one of my initial problems is that I only have a sound file and even converting that to MP4 doesn’t provide all the necessary options within Figma. I’ll find a way to convert it to a “video” version and see if that works. In the meantime, great links to useful content.

Thanks again

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