Adding infinite input feilds on button click using variable feature

Hello everyone, I am designing a balance sheet in Figma where, I want to add custom feild on button click for a user using Figma variable feature can anyone help me out on this??
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@Rosh One approach is you could have a series of booleans assigned to the fields you want to show. Then when you click “Add” you can set the boolean of a field to true.

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Thanks for the help @Nate_G. It’s really helpful, but I was wondering if somehow we don’t have to do all this effort by assigning predefined variable.

@Rosh From what I’ve found, there will be more setup and workarounds needed for some of these interactions due to the current limitations of Figma’s conditional and variable options. But hopefully, in the near future, they will add more robust coding/conditional options.

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