Add ability to trigger component variant change from outside component

A use case for this:

I have a fullscreen modal component with the props: isVisible: true | false.
I’d love to be able to click a button (from outside the component) in the parent frame and have it trigger the modal to be visible: true. Additionally, I’d love for it to use any animations I’ve predefined in that component for changing from variant x -> variant y for the transition (I understand this is complicated if there are multiple triggers set up internally, but it could default to using the first or something).



I’m going to “Plus one” this. This is a big one. Constantly working around this missing functionality.


Plus one! I find it very limiting that we are not able to trigger interactions from outside a component. couple that with the fact that any fixed or sticky scrolls are possible only on the top-level frame and it makes it very limiting on creating usable (and rather basic) prototypes.

For example, I have a component (filter module) that needs to open from the side of the top-level frame and needs to be fixed in position while the user scrolls the rest of the content. Placing the filter button (the button that should open the filter module) inside the scrolled content is impossible, since now they are not part of the same component, and it can’t interact with it and placing the filter button inside the fixed component (the filter module itself) is useless since the open button needs to be part of the scrolled content.

This is a very basic layout and it’s very limiting that we can’t do such a thing.