Absolute positioning and z-index

Although absolute positioning is achieved, if used in this way, it will be obscured



You have to change the canvas stacking to “First on Top” for the Parent Frame which contains your button and the element beneath

In my case it’s the “swap content here” frame to influence the stacking of the containing frames

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I know,Figma achieves top first by adjusting the layer order so that the position of the parent layer on the canvas is adjusted if automatic layout is used

I’m not talking about the layer order. There is a new feature called “Canvas Stacking” within Auto Layout which could solve your issue.

Imagine you have the following Structure

Your Frame
— Your Button
— Your Table

Try to change the Canvas Stacking at “Your Frame”



Many thanks! :handshake: I’v tried to fix this so many time, but could’t. Now everithing perfect :raised_hands:

:100: Thanks for the comment!

you’re a legend🎊

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